Our Story

How It Started


It all started with a “Learn how to homebrew” in Monrovia on Easter Sunday 2017. That’s the day we truly discovered homebrewing. The next few weekends were spent cleaning, brewing, and bottling. We bottled once and said, “never again”. We bought kegs right after that. That’s when Bridgetown Brewing was born. Being that most of us were born and raised in La Puente and that we were brewing in La Puente, Bridgetown Brewing made the most sense.

Sometime after diving headfirst into this new world of homebrewing we discovered The SoCal Cerveceros homebrew club and were excited to see other people that looked like us making their own beer. We knew we had to be a part of this.

Joining SoCal Cerveceros was a pivot point for us. It was the point when we realized that we needed to take this seriously because there was a lot of great beer in a club and there were members who were in the process of opening their own breweries. It the moment where we realize that this could be more than just a weekend thing we did for fun.

Sometime around 2018 we figured that Bridgetown Brewing limited us in many ways, plus Bridgetown is Portland’s nickname. The debate rages on who and how the name Bridge Bridge was created but it was created, we liked the way it sounds and it had a tie to our La Puente roots so we went with it.

After pouring our beer at numerous homebrew festivals we were building momentum behind our brand and then 2020 happened. With the worldwide pandemic happening we took a break from brewing for most of 2020.

After picking it back up in 2021 we had the opportunity of lifetime come up. There was a brewery for sale in San Dimas and it seemed like something we could actually pull off. So the team got together and was able to purchase and take over the existing brewery. We took over the key to our location on April 1, 2022 and finally opened in late August 2022.

Our focus now is crafting the best lagers and ales we possibly can while crafting a great environment in our small tap root. All the while increasing our distribution footprint in the eastern San Gabriel Valley.

We hope you can join soon!